S, L or D (w.1991)

I awake the the chime of the eighth time
I grasp my body and shake my brain
I slowly rise and shift and fall and climb
Then to eat-morning-shredded wheat cane
The same continual cycle is destroying my mind
I then return to ‘NEST’ and clad my body.

As I leave my place of knowledge or love
I wander perpetually looking for what I shall not find
Asking for what I ask He for ages, but He says tough
The feeling of what He has and you want is wordless
I complete the common task, like He had asked
What am I to become?

Then as the busy, clog, smog, chokes my inner instruments
I feel drained, drowned, delirious, desolate
Oh, what am I to become?

I return with no gain, no loss, just thought
So much thought
I was caught as I bought another soul for the price of thought
Now, what am I to become?

As I say the same words
I am already in my nest, at the end, again, of the test
I scan what has been all for always
Tell me, what am I to become?


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