The Drifting Locks

Open the channel to receive the sea
Said the man washed in tears and bloodied arguments
Veins split and crushed by the weight of a dark light
And as his first sentence finished he collapsed in front of me.
When he found comfort in my chair and a warm drink
He just stared
Where he was staring I may never know
But his eyes never left that place and I heard the departure of his final breath.
I cannot do this by myself.
I placed my hand on his chest and cried words of hope that once again a beat, a movement may take hold
Of a broken body and give it life.
I waited
I looked
I cried
I waited.
I turned for the door and phone and touched the wall
As a whisper no louder than bare feet on grass
Kissed my ear and made me turn
Shadows dispersed and a flower opened…


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