I heard something
You then have a moment just to stretch the sound and fit a fixed point
When I did this I suddenly realised that the lights had stopped
In fact
He had stopped
And even though I held onto the thin metal rods
And screamed
It could not, would not, bring him back.
If I could go back I would change history, break the infinite paths and talk him out of it
Such an honour has left this earth
And when colour is dominant and risk, like fragile veins fades, my eyes remain
Ever fixed on a hybrid view
A smile and a gash in the head
Glued in my retina memories
Like the holding of a new hand and a person turning into the invisible corner
I feel like I am stepping into a private scene
Uninvited and yet the obvious guest
At best
I also jump and together we lie burdened by little except the weight of the sky.


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