If it ain’t broke…

Follow the flickering light over to me –
Emotional responses to the bread and wine
Sometimes need a reminder
That all is fine.
The red in your face and the shaking hands rely on a process which is fading
On a system which is being remade
On a grave which still is a gateway for the brave
On the necessity of brevity and the constant explosion of your personal truth
(Unfortunately) from which you need to be set loose.
Led by the shifting path and sinking light –
Spiritual responses to the ecclesial hope
Sometimes we all need to climb the rope.
The red in your eyes and the silent walk rely on a pattern emerging
On a regime born from the experiment
On a life which always grows and leans on the eternal delicacies
(Hopefully) from which we must cling, gorge on, flip, twist and once again
oh please once again
discover that first taste.


1 Response to “If it ain’t broke…”

  1. December 16, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    Nice stuff, deep thoughts and resonates with my own aged hippy pilgrim orientated journeys in mind, body and soul! Love it! shalom – dave

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