If you are not breathing then now is the time to breathe.
What is your soundtrack for this Earth’s wanderings?

I find myself staring out from the picture at you
In the Centre.
The journey from the margins to the table.
Have you and I learnt to recline?
When all we seem to taste is diet-coke.
You are like a reflection transitory
You are like intimacy freely given
You are like a dream that escaped from myth
You are like a box never opened.
I find myself longing from the picture for you
At the margins.
The journey from the knees to standing.
Have you and I ever found such peace?
When all we do is drink and be filled.


Where to begin?
When it has no ending.

I bought a picture frame to resize a stretched image.
An image with everything:
Shadows and lights emeshed
Cities and wildernesses unified
Tears dripping and love ripping
A picture of violent hope
With possibilities for a present reality.

Where to go?
When no isolated path can be found.

I can be strong.
I can breathe while I reframe my picture.
(My glasses remain in their case.)
While I search for the great Alleluia in the midst of shit.
I can be
I can.


A tsunami of voices emerging
From the light-shadows
I see a fragile woman with her chest exploded
and heart exposed
She is waist-deep in a river
And the water is both still and chaotic
She is weeping with a smile.


1 Response to “PRESENT … PAST … FUTURE”

  1. 1 altonia
    July 2, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    the past still invades the present but the colours have changed
    the bird with broken wings soars high into clear blue skies
    how does that happen
    God knows

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