Hippie / Coke / X-Factor

That is where the dream goes/ danced with the pale sky and slipped lies/ a rush of fools gold/ a sip just to know
and if he only tried/ a restored message told/ yet there is always the difference between the seed and the sow/
brother I know/

That is where the gate closed/ subtle yet sudden/ hand carved round a red and white can/ a new language learned/ faded yearning/ constant snips of the dread/ still party wide-eye till sunrise/ yet the pay packet still king/ a lament/ a reason to sing/

That is the puppet at the door/ ready, complete to show you more/ just another frame to the centre/ come and sing with me/ let the song set you free (burp…oh sorry…excuse me)/

That was the hippie/ one who scaled the smooth wall/ grafted memories into the fabric of eternity/ watched and waited/ asked for all/ it is not that he does not want it anymore/ just that the dogs breath now smells/ just that the shadow has drifted on/

That is where the balloon now flies/ a distant red and white icon/ breathless and above/ the horizon through a squint/ a puppet at the window and a mist gathering at the door/


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