Hey you
Yeah you
All alone and pre-fixed on lying on the foam
Go home and stop
Just stop being so pre-occupied with you and being alone
Hey you
Face down and distant from the world
Without a friend, without a girl
Just sit the …. up and get on with it
No you are wrong and the bracelet that held your wrist together within her embrace is fake
The sweat glands have used up all your grace and you are close to finding The grace
You are unfixable
Well I could count the drops of blood shed today as a witness for a seamless erosion of dreams embittered and stolen through pOWer
But I could also tell you that it is not striving for perfection where The grace resides
It is the recognition of our imperfections which let the river in and the abuse of loneliness can be stripped and
We all hurt – for some it is longing, for others it is pain, for some it is grains in the blood stream, circulating all but for others it is a lack of knowing, a denial blown in.
If you need a label and a code, a tip and a fix, then look for those who have broke the code – they know!


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