Do you believe what you see?
A man in a dress with a smile and nod towards the best
A wall of shifting bricks and loose cement
Dusty fingers on the pad and an inbox with ‘failed test’
Just a partial print of the souls intent.

Do you believe what you are?
If you have Wuest in a row upon your desk
and a basket of memories in the blur of your peripheral vision
could you still understand the need to take a risk
could you still remember the eternal emission.

Do they believe that what you believe is what they need to believe about you?
Can you still have questions and belong to the parliament movement?
Out of the blue I caught an image twisted around the book in your hands
It was only a moment
Hey… sometimes that is all we need
It was a shadow on the outside looking for a way in
Back to connect with where it’d once been.

Do you believe in your own occupation?
Be perfect as perfect be
Ignore the messed mystery
Claim the given identity
Rob the fruit but leave the tree…

Something has got to go.


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