When The Children Look Away

Hold your head up so you can watch
I do not want you to miss anything
This eternal image will forever be your temporary destiny
So keep your eyes open
I do not want you to miss anything
I am going to demonstrate the state of fear
In a practical and helpful way I will put your heart into the hands of pain
I do not want you to miss anything…

(At that moment in the clouds of the near-world and between
the veiled sheets there was a scream
It could be seen piercing the throne of God
It could be heard breaking the Silence.)

…I was a child for a moment but I have built a monument to those who pass through the narrow stream and how I still long for a way back
I could not let the shadows of this room know
I can not and will not let myself return
I am beyond the melting ice and now live in the cradle of the fire…

(Suddenly as numerous as the waterfall’s spray
faces of light
hands of light
reaching and overwhelming the noise and the broken shards.)

…I could be a child again when this breath takes it poison away
Oh please help me
I do not remember the movement of the hand calling a day today
All that haunts me is that image when the children look away.


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