Dancing Stones

Woke up and the feet are a-moving and the heart grooving
Swirls of sound resting on my brain
‘Its all in his head mate’ affirmed the corner snoop
While I let my arms hang low
Its all in the game and this body was born to be carried
through the night and patient for rain.

I had a dream that counted the flecks of wood mixed in the sand
It was like a surface cleaned with only our reflections
It compelled me to rest my hands around your heart
And hold your head like we did when we first met.

Everything that I ever need is right here
Every tear I have ever given
Every kiss we have ever forgotten
Every word
Every sweat
Every prayer
Wrapped in the foil of the chase and fixed. Perfect. A super nova of now.

The stillness of time.

The rave of freedom
The arrival
The gathering of the stones at the wrong time. Perfect.


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