Its Been A While Since I Saw The Sun Rise

It is only the middle of the night but my day has begun
And my mind is wondering whether I am really ready
To let go of the question that asks can I let go of you
And are we really through?
It is not a time to let go of the sun
Because we were in love and I cant believe what we have done
Hours pass and then a flicker of light fills my heart
I loved you then and if is this is the end then how will I keep going
Where do you start when even the threads have fallen apart.

I made a cup of coffee and sat in our chair
I remembered the sunlight bouncing through you hair
and it made me sad
I reflected on the distance the light travels
I counted the rays breaking through the blind
and it made me cry
Yes we know its been a while since cloud gazing filled our time.

It only hurts when you feel the pain
And I am only sane sharing your sun rise
I hear you stirring and wonder whether to wait
Its been a while since I held you
And then you are there with me on our chair
Just as the last freedom of the sun is revealed
and like an avalanche by heart melts and my tears dry
because we both know we have only just begun
and like a new day we watch the sun rise
and dream anew.


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