Flying Your Own Kite

He thought he believed in love but instead he stressed the emptiness rather than the presence
Not because the rain no longer fell on his house but because the sun never shined in the dark
He had eaten too many words and stored them in his heart
They had been digested
But when you have a twisted view you end up with twisted…

She felt that emotions were overrated-guess you see the irony
Instead she lapped up knowledge like a thirsty lizard
She had spent time on extra developments to her inner castle
It had consumed her
But when you have a wasted heart you end up with a wasted…

They told everyone that the world would never stop them because it was weak
Saturated by tears of intimacy they ran through time
They created a bowl for others to admire
They were lifting themselves step by step
But when you are it you end up with…

I stood on a tree and cut my knee
Pretty silly.


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