Gaudeō Tree

She rattled his cage like the claw of guilt stripping the soul

Censored and mutated their journey into a cylinder of meshed memories

Lines were drawn
Swords at dawn

For a moment she discovered the great breath -_

a sign of a path revealed
a magic on the tracks too weary to hide
a kiss to a moonlight audience
a ride to somewhere new _-

It turns out rejoicing begins and ends with a decision
Intentionality of realignment’s leaf floating in a bowl of love

[break it down]

okay so this is where we go just refueled with the tools to show you the value and systems the need to challenge wordly admissions where identity and re-creating reality flow symbiotically like you grabbed the finger but caught the hand and smashed the head but discovered new land and new horizons as you exhale the great breath to begin again _-

He ran him like a circle around a zero
He had days that broke the heart and carried people too far
The traveller was always a step too far down the tracks
and the stars melted in the abyss of his heart

For a moment he discovered the great breath -_

All the stuff
I mean all the stuff became a single line
You could walk it, hang on it, bounce on it and, even, see its future
And it ended, his future ended at the Gaudeō Tree

The story ends with the tale of people describing their love as a unified breath of pulchritudinous…


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