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Stolen Water

Progressively ripped from the corner of the secret harbour lies the stolen water
Where rare dreams and saved memories cast shadows over the morning tide
A singular and embittered goal has no place for a mark or a silence
Where the seams of water reveal a fluid time.

It cannot be reached by boat, float or swim
It was stolen by the sheltered land and can be found in only one way
No stream, sea or fountain ever touch its edge
It was found after a long journey and the way is only chosen by a few.

It was the middle hill of the northern point of Tuscany that opened a story
Leaving a litter of streamed images-disconnected but cracked the veil
Saturated the given direction and for the first time felt a drop of stolen water
And taking off shoes was the only preparation to begin…


Out on a Limb is where the fruit is & Your Butterfly & The Stage Mix

Misty and stained black cloud crossed my view
Struck by its density
What else could I do?
To go out on a limb
Frail and uncertain
The soul unravelled
Pulling myself along
I am stronger than that which stands against me
But I can smell the cloud like burning leather
Drawing nearer
And I can see the clear invitation
The contours appearing
And within all finality
I meet I
within me.
Is the fruit really out here?
Back again on the edge of the wilderness and the city
And I still have not been to the mountain.

Seeing you again on the street
Seeing you empty of water and fruit
Who took the fire out of you?
Just shift your gaze to the open way
And follow that new step first took many years ago
And if you have to go in to go out
Then I will loosen the rock on which you stand
If a fall will help you, once again, to stand.

There is a butterfly and it is flying to you
and the butterfly is carrying a message
just for you
the butterfly lands on your shoulder
and you turn
like you turn to everything else
expecting everything to bring comfort and take away the pain
and you see this butterfly
so colourful
so fragile
so alive
and the butterfly passes the message on
a message carried upon her wings
carried within eternity to be brought to you
‘you’ve lost the truth,
you’ve started to hide,
you’ve wrapped yourself up in stolen blankets
and you are smiling
but inside you cry.
The wait is almost over.’

The beat whirled and flew into the room
Sparkles and diamonds and light inside the emptiness
Caged animals feel better than some
And words taken from Tolkein’s ‘Two Towers’
‘standing, gazing northwards into the darkness, thoughtful and silent as a young tree in a windless night’,
only assist the beat.

They have neither the desire or need to explore
Like a medicine with no effect
They lack the ability to believe anymore
Lost in the midst of an empty horizon and inner war
They failed to see
A path perfectly carved to carry their feet
Made just soft enough to let them sleep.

She was but a faint glimmer
Unnatural in action and role
Uncertain, stretched and hollow
A tired, lost swimmer.

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