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Andy: A Dreamer Reflected In RBS Windows

The greatest movement of the brain I have ever found was Andy
He shared the floor of the RBS customer entrance footprints
He was their first customer and their last but he never went inside
I would pass him on my way home and in time I passed no more
But took my place upon his sacred floor.

It became the highlight of my day and the narrative of my night
Together we would share the journey past
And when broken by a customer I would consider whether anyone could actually be last
In our broken communion we reached into a stretched and solid expansion
Of what it means to be a brother and to lose but truly find another.
Then one quirky night my heart was poured out and laid bare before my reflection
In a new RBS window
Andy was no more but had been taken from his resting place to a place of rest
I stood and looked
I kept looking but our story was left under the feet of RBS customers
And to them and from them it has been carried
And will be forever more.


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