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The Mystery of the Wanderer

Just a raised crack that benefitted her sharp spine and sudden movements remained on view
The place was like any other that held the space of another time
another moment
If only you knew the tears she had shed there just for you
You would have ripped your imaginings from your soul and screamed ‘what must I now do?’

Further down the path a shadow imitated her longings and yet distilled the scent
It left an explosion of possibilities and undiscovered remedies
It attempted to drive the mystery to the open doorway of truth
And dissolve all tracks which, although hidden, were directive dents
on the smooth path.

Do you remember the first time you became awake?
The strain and weight
Circled and sent
The light and sharp
Stretched with heart.

She is still over that hill, around the corner, along the way, up there and down there, here soon and just missed.


Reaching out for the shadow-train

‘Just flickers and specks is all I have to remember you’
When the door closed and the floor became ours
And I held hope for the first time
There was little preparation of what you would do.

The noise stopped. Door opened. Stairs climbed.

‘I have to do what they say’
The Tamworth pavement caught my tears
And I lost a part of me for the first time
There was little that I could do to make you stay.

The noise returned. Door closed.

‘There will always be a part of me’
The web unlocked your image I thought was lost
And I found an image for the first time
There was little that I could now see.

Image restored. Heart open.

‘When will you let me rest?’
Just a journey in the shadows
And I found the train for the first time
There was little that I could now mess.

Image surrendered. Heart released.

‘I never wanted anything more’
But I will grasp the handle and close the door
And find peace in the shadows
There will we rest forever more.


The door still slides

Rain. Wind. Usual. Still.
When the slide becomes a pattern and not a play
The friend who chose to stay
When others smiled and let the mirror end the sentence
I could never let go of the image
Rain. Still. Wind. Usual.
Breathing shortened by a helping hand
Hope diffused by latent branding
I was still looking how far my eye could really see
When you dropped the stone and laid the ground in front of me
So i caught the stillness and split the rain
Very windy in the most usual way.

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