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Reclaiming Faith (Hey, it’s me, I’m dynamite and I don’t know why)*

(Thanks to V.Morrison for (*))

There were rumours everywhere and I could stand it no longer
I grabbed the first person that came close to me
‘Will you tell me what is going on?’
‘What you is feeling is true and you will be made stronger’, she screamed
After that everything became fragile but not in a weak, derbarian way
No the Veil of Invitation had shifted its arms a little more
And I began to breathe the familiar, delicate and softened molecules again
After such a long time I had my hand on the splintered frame
And I would never let it go again
Because its power comes from a source weighted in time beyond distance
And crafted by signs beyond symbolism
And I heard voices shouting from the streets
At first they were faint but the masses swarmed and clambered to be heard to reach the pinnacle of vocal potential
‘Reclaim … reclaim … reclaim … the faith’ was their song
Actually it ripped reality and struck so hard that I stopped breathing and fell to the ground
Conscious, a small conscious man but without a breath
Inside the last fragments of death were confronted and a crowd were staring down at me
‘Reclaim … reclaim … the faith’. Beat. Beat. Drum. Bang.
I was lifted up at the same time my lungs started their dance
And I could see nothing except faces
Like staring up at falling snow
Then a beat emerged and it grew and it grew and it grew
Until a million orchestras were unified in a single stream and words had been replaced by pure sounds
And a new language found its roots in the core of the earth
A language whose foundation was one word


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