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I was falling off the floor

I was listening to the flaming lips and I heard somebody in the background
I turned it off and there was a tiny little frog talking to me
It was sat, legs crossed, and rambling in some incoherent sound
And I decided either I had been working too hard or my perception of reality had shifted
To an inverted stream of dimension and animal incomprehension.
Only one thing for it!
I sat down crossed legs and said ‘Hi’.
The frog uncrossed his/her legs and started to threaten me
Now, let me see
How did I know the frog was threatening me?
I am not really sure but I think it was the way that it motioned its body
And began something akin to the haka
Or maybe it was the fact that suddenly it was bigger than me!
I had become a micro-version of a macro-mini-hobbit
And sat on that floor with everything bigger than me, including the frog,
And in that moment everything made better sense
It is in losing oneself that we find
And in that moment the moral code of kindness
Just felt irrelevant
What mattered was that the haka-king-frog was about to crush me
With her/his mighty arms and bulging feet
I waved my arms and gave the universal, cross/language sign of peace
It hit me and I fell to my knees
I stayed there with my head bowed for a long time
I stayed there until I knew that frog had long died and in fact the house had long been replaced
I stayed until the last fragments of light faded across the universe
I stayed until my body was no longer part of me and I was just a word from the past
I stayed until I fell off the floor
And the next thing I knew
I was sat staring at the window frame and I felt the ground start to move
The flaming lips were down low but it was my time to go
And in a typical time bandit way a new door stood open for me.


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