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Flying Your Own Kite

He thought he believed in love but instead he stressed the emptiness rather than the presence
Not because the rain no longer fell on his house but because the sun never shined in the dark
He had eaten too many words and stored them in his heart
They had been digested
But when you have a twisted view you end up with twisted…

She felt that emotions were overrated-guess you see the irony
Instead she lapped up knowledge like a thirsty lizard
She had spent time on extra developments to her inner castle
It had consumed her
But when you have a wasted heart you end up with a wasted…

They told everyone that the world would never stop them because it was weak
Saturated by tears of intimacy they ran through time
They created a bowl for others to admire
They were lifting themselves step by step
But when you are it you end up with…

I stood on a tree and cut my knee
Pretty silly.


Soft Cement

When we sailed through the stripped streams it occurred to me that slow steps mean long views and a constant friend breathes in a container fixed with dreams. The brick is loose and the eye slips. When you notice what your eye has upon its surface then the black wisps and wings reveals that nothing is ever totally clear. We heard the calling and gathered in your home but your wall crumbled and nowhere stable remained but only shifting ledges and inessential frames. How do you know when the cement has softened? Is it when the heart cries at eastenders but not for your neighbour? Leaving your home we noticed the stars and questioned the path but found our way to your copse and lit a fire. In the mist of conversation I caught a heavy heart as the shadow of my wandering returned and I drifted away only to be re-centred by a fart. Life is a lot like that and we all need reality fleshed with dreams not dreams rotten with reality.



I heard something
You then have a moment just to stretch the sound and fit a fixed point
When I did this I suddenly realised that the lights had stopped
In fact
He had stopped
And even though I held onto the thin metal rods
And screamed
It could not, would not, bring him back.
If I could go back I would change history, break the infinite paths and talk him out of it
Such an honour has left this earth
And when colour is dominant and risk, like fragile veins fades, my eyes remain
Ever fixed on a hybrid view
A smile and a gash in the head
Glued in my retina memories
Like the holding of a new hand and a person turning into the invisible corner
I feel like I am stepping into a private scene
Uninvited and yet the obvious guest
At best
I also jump and together we lie burdened by little except the weight of the sky.

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Flying pass

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