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Just Today

I’m coming down fast
And the cast is off but the bone is still broken
You may like him better so you can just go and

Off my place and on the race entwined and rough like a carpet burn soothed with wine
What is the one thing I must do today
What is the one hurt that must be healed today
Someone somewhere is waiting for you or me
Just to hold a hand
Just to tear open the pain and say I understand



Blah blah
Blah blah
That’s how it went when the lids closed and the hypnotist missed the joke and tied the rope just around the corner like the smiling man on H-street after all the people were sleeping and the street light was, at most, flickering. Sometimes people need to be told coz it’s no caffeine jolly when the pain is stretched out. It’s good to know Greek and Hebrew too but better to experience meaning than to cut the truth. Complications and interrogations caught in the mist of a most frightful situation in which a clearly defined opportunity cries ‘Yep’.


A matter for pause

It can be controlled and it can be withdrawn
Like the dancing of a foot
Clouded in a singular beat
Softened and squeezed like a 360 flip
or no comply
Random pixels sprayed across the day
And vulnerable meditations through the night
I lead but sometimes without sight.
So easy to just become part of the structure
Instead of standing on top and reaching
So I take a moment to pause
And when I do something becomes clear
In the midst of the paddling out
There is a wave coming
A wave to carry the burden and to transport the soul to a place
From where the essence of metanarratives found birth
We all need a moment to pause
And in that pause a new answer.


The Questioning Soul

Excuse me friend I have a story to share
Enriched by travel and kind blue stares
It should not surprise nor shock the ears
Because it comes from the place of tears
It speaks of things that swirl inside
Of countless stars mirrored across skies
It has images from across the earth
From subtle moments and explosive births
Excuse me my friend do you have the time to hear
Or should I wait until the gift has matured
And a soft word pricks the ear?
I have questions you see
And they are in my story
I know you see too
But through the noise I am struggling
For the moment to share with you
Another time you say
And I examine the surroundings and decide that for the sake of timing I would wait.


The Gateway

Opening. Open and seductive.
layered frame of delicate patterns
each revealing
more beauty than the last.
Simple entrance.
Indeed for something so clever, do you need it to be complicated?
Feels fresh and acceptable.
The stain of guilt nowhere to be seen.
Reality expresses itself – indeed knowledge presents a picture of wealth.
Opening. Inner and redemptive quality.
The attraction of choice.
Concrete forms intrinsically presented with
sovereign foundations.
The hard place. Difficult.
Though to stay would benefit
an immeasurable tower of hope.


The Drifting Locks

Open the channel to receive the sea
Said the man washed in tears and bloodied arguments
Veins split and crushed by the weight of a dark light
And as his first sentence finished he collapsed in front of me.
When he found comfort in my chair and a warm drink
He just stared
Where he was staring I may never know
But his eyes never left that place and I heard the departure of his final breath.
I cannot do this by myself.
I placed my hand on his chest and cried words of hope that once again a beat, a movement may take hold
Of a broken body and give it life.
I waited
I looked
I cried
I waited.
I turned for the door and phone and touched the wall
As a whisper no louder than bare feet on grass
Kissed my ear and made me turn
Shadows dispersed and a flower opened…


S, L or D (w.1991)

I awake the the chime of the eighth time
I grasp my body and shake my brain
I slowly rise and shift and fall and climb
Then to eat-morning-shredded wheat cane
The same continual cycle is destroying my mind
I then return to ‘NEST’ and clad my body.

As I leave my place of knowledge or love
I wander perpetually looking for what I shall not find
Asking for what I ask He for ages, but He says tough
The feeling of what He has and you want is wordless
I complete the common task, like He had asked
What am I to become?

Then as the busy, clog, smog, chokes my inner instruments
I feel drained, drowned, delirious, desolate
Oh, what am I to become?

I return with no gain, no loss, just thought
So much thought
I was caught as I bought another soul for the price of thought
Now, what am I to become?

As I say the same words
I am already in my nest, at the end, again, of the test
I scan what has been all for always
Tell me, what am I to become?

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