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This Chapter is Called A Post-Trapeze Inflicted Man

Clinging to a rope while breathing
The last smoke of a stolen cigarette
Hangs the man left with only a couple
Of original plans he had written years before.

His life stretched between the delusional queue for X-factor and the insane prints of a Banksy rip-off.

In the moment he was offered a hand
Slowly he began to understand
The book was written and on the shelf
And the mirror finally listened.

So he took the hand / popped the pill and did the thrill/ locked, blocked and steady/ ready/ a singular stream/ hidden seams/ switched sides/ opened wide and blinked fixed/ there was a rub and dub/ a beat forcing feet to leave the floor/ you saw the sign and shit broke the lines/ no power on this clown/ lifted up not broken down

When his feet touched the floor and the lights dimmed
The music danced away and
People held hands on their way home
Then he realised Rome was never built in one life.


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