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Morning sounds fixed on clouds and twisted dials straightened by shrunken miles
Time for change
Like a sacred spot where one waits for hope
Like a nail torn too deep
Like the fragile thread that still holds the rope
Like a word captured and never released
Time for change.

Evening sounds buried in towns and broken buttons enabled to frame motion
Time for change
Like a soft grip unexpected
Like a leader alone with no followers
Like a partial light within a wreck
Like a wheel stopped turning
Time for change.

A change economy and aggressive policy transforms the inner and stretches the identity
A shape emerges with foreign characteristics but consistent abilities


All I Had Was My Feet On The Ground

I heard whispers that down the corridor was an answered question
On reflection I decided that I was only visible out of the shadows
So I gathered my bag of thoughts and moved in and out
Making my way to the dark portal
With rumours of lies and a distorted imagination.
Suddenly I stood in a sacred space
Waved my arms and reached for something solid
But all I had was my feet on the ground
I turned around and shouted just to make a sound
That may come travelling back to set my boundaries
But all I had was my feet on the ground
I was moving but still stood
I was breathing but could not grasp any other life
All this way and still no answer
I cried out to make sense of where I had been led
But all I had was my feet on the ground.
I then heard whispers that down the path there was an answered question
So I kept following until a speck of light transformed the scene
I reached out to the colour and wrapped it around my being
And I was standing where I had begun but outside the shadow
I was visible and vulnerably more revealed and then the answer.
All I had was my feet on the ground.

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