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Security is so far away..

If security is to be found in the hand of a lock and the twist of a box
Then the fading whispers of truth-unknown without risk-slip away
When you gathered your mind and all its loose meanderings and mocked
The hood becomes irrelevant whether up or down as a tool of your way.

If security is embraced in a conscious reality of truth
But then the illusion of self chips the side of that favourite mug
And we are left wondering what holds the depth and the ever-new
The holes in the seams are not a threat but an invitation to look.

If security is to be found in the certainty of tomorrow
Then what do you and I know?
There are some who float in the darkness with their eyes open
And there are some who have a partial seed waiting to grow
And security of joy makes no friend with sorrow
And, as such, we are all the weaker.

Having designed the definable and diluted the discoverable
Security is just
a wall waiting to be climbed
a stranger slowly becoming a friend
a virtue to be conquered
a beach awaiting chaos prints.


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