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The Skater

Just know that these moments will rarely be surpassed
A darkslide is but a brief fling with destiny
And a fakie heelflip to 50:50 will only pass when time drips like water through the hole in a roof of an abandoned warehouse stuck schewed and leaning to a new bank
It is for moments like this that the eye adjusts to the light from a few hours on dark colours
It can be high looking down from the vert
But it can seem insurmountable looking up
And when a perfect ollie is slowed to fractions of fractions there can be little need to breathe
We just fall to our knees
Coz it’s a sign of his beauty and goodness
That holds all the molecules together as rubber, wood and metal are cooked up in a cauldron of majesty
His majesty that let’s the very pop begin and the stillness speak
Some of us are the obServers alone of this art and with a frantic need to tie ourselves into the techno frame dream an illusion and collapse
And yet
This very moment
We hear the crisp sound of the fulfillment of timing, style in the noise of a 360flip.


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Flying pass

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