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If only I had not said ‘things could be better’

Now I really was happy just to remain behind closed doors and even though the intention was not to ignore I did notice that behind your shoulder and over by the door was something far more interesting and I could be sore and tell you I need to go but then the flow would be split and spread like a hooky torn and worn resting in a distilled and complex head and so with kindness we continued until I left and walked outthe door past the one we should never ignore and then my heart was burdened and my spirit low because a single scar is capable of healing and multiple wounds still have redeeming hope just like the day when the body on the edge of bliss and exile became incapable of moving of grooving in a flat of despair over a Derby park as day turned to evening and light to dark and it all returns to the climax of the circle where I should have said things are ‘fine’, ‘ok’, ‘all good’ and walked away but the opportunities that appeared as you drew near strapped a rocket of hope on my back and Bam! What a day …


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