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Check That Out


You hit with a straight bat / technical and precise / clouds forming in a clear sky

Light at the edge and ripping the flesh
Strong sounds encased in a shifting mesh
I could sit in the physical or release the spiritual
Just a room and a light in the centre
Yet the echo of a voice beckons beyond the walls
Gear ready for first but you stall
You need a guide you’re weak without a mentor
‘If you start at 30 you will be there in a couple of years’
Dreams don’t drain away they get trapped by your fear.

How is the road you took when we went different ways?
Still battered by lies spoken hiding in the casing of your veins?
You live like you command the number of days
Just because you’re the main event here is the rant from the dark for you:

Mystery, mystery- locked and loaded history ready to punch and break the present and trap your soul in a cast coz you steal the past and look at you did daddy and mummy buy the break or did you take your own name when the stage set raised your game and through a mic gave you fame- you forgot the echo that clothed your back you hit the gain stole the lack and replaced a cloth with a hood so stand straight eyes wide shades broken no more lies and own your sign when you sink the drink with your name on it remember

You are light on the edge of darkness
You are mystery in your won history
Clouds are forming in the clear sky.


The Mystery of the Wanderer

Just a raised crack that benefitted her sharp spine and sudden movements remained on view
The place was like any other that held the space of another time
another moment
If only you knew the tears she had shed there just for you
You would have ripped your imaginings from your soul and screamed ‘what must I now do?’

Further down the path a shadow imitated her longings and yet distilled the scent
It left an explosion of possibilities and undiscovered remedies
It attempted to drive the mystery to the open doorway of truth
And dissolve all tracks which, although hidden, were directive dents
on the smooth path.

Do you remember the first time you became awake?
The strain and weight
Circled and sent
The light and sharp
Stretched with heart.

She is still over that hill, around the corner, along the way, up there and down there, here soon and just missed.

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