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The Mystery of the Wanderer

Just a raised crack that benefitted her sharp spine and sudden movements remained on view
The place was like any other that held the space of another time
another moment
If only you knew the tears she had shed there just for you
You would have ripped your imaginings from your soul and screamed ‘what must I now do?’

Further down the path a shadow imitated her longings and yet distilled the scent
It left an explosion of possibilities and undiscovered remedies
It attempted to drive the mystery to the open doorway of truth
And dissolve all tracks which, although hidden, were directive dents
on the smooth path.

Do you remember the first time you became awake?
The strain and weight
Circled and sent
The light and sharp
Stretched with heart.

She is still over that hill, around the corner, along the way, up there and down there, here soon and just missed.


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